Your Donation Can Make a Difference!
The following are suggested sites for donations. We encourage you to do your homework and send your donations where you feel will do the most good. Donations to candidates can be made on their respective websites. If you need help finding your candidate, click here and we will connect you to the appropriate site.
  • Future Now is a national organization that uses your donations where it will make the biggest impact in winning elections. Future Now identifies inspiring, committed candidates who have what it takes to win and combines this with proven, winning tactics. Donations made here stay in Florida. 

  • The Democratic Women's Club of Florida has a PAC fund that helps qualified Democratic candidates in Florida. Click on to help all qualifying Florida Democratic candidates.

  • Help keep the Collier County Democratic Party up and running. Your donation will allow the work to continue to get out the vote in Collier County. Go to and click on 

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