Sara McFadden, 2020 Candidate FL State Representative,

House District 106


Focused Leadership & Practical Solutions


  • Restore Everglades, source of 1/3 of our water

  • Prevent Fracking damaging wetlands and our water sources

  • Encourage Smart Growth to conserve resources, control costs, save animal habitats + preserve our lifestyle

  • Hold polluters responsible for clean-up

  • Legislate oversight + accountability for all schools receiving public taxes

  • Expand medicaid: cover more, spend less

  • Increase public safety – require universal background checks

  • Protect voter rights and citizen ballot initiatives

Cindy Banyai for Florida Congressional District 19.

"A Southwest Florida where the sun shines on everyone"

Cindy is Committed and Qualified


"A Southwest Florida community where everyone is happy, healthy, and connected – a place where the sun shines on everyone"


"Bring the voice of Southwest Floridians to speak truth to power"


"Families go bankrupt everyday trying to keep their loved ones alive in our broken health care system. Our waters are polluted, and hurricanes and flooding threaten our homes and businesses. I am willing to think together with all leaders and act on the issues that most affect us. I’ve researched and published on community development and governance and am part of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Florida Gulf Coast University. I have the desire, knowledge, and skills to craft meaningful and effective policy that will improve the lives of Southwest Floridians for the long run. I’ve dedicated my entire career to making communities and organizations work better to reach their goals. These are assets that Congress desperately needs right now. '


'Having a mom and a business owner represent Southwest Florida in Congress means your voice will be heard. I live here. My kids were born here, go to school here. I’ve worked tirelessly to listen to what people here think and want for our community and I’ll continue to do that as your rep. I will not sell out my values and our community to enrich big companies, big donors, and the political elite. I will work for you to craft policy to keep your family safe, to make sure there are good jobs and strong local businesses, and our beloved Florida environment is clean. I promise to protect, promote, and preserve. "

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