Are there Dangerous Times Ahead?

Democratic Women’s Club of Marco Island

General Meeting September 8, 2020; Via Zoom 7-8 pm

President Stephanie Ballo opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance, thanked our volunteers and asked for a moment of silence for the people who have died from the Covid 19 virus and thanked our front line workers.

· Our club is working closely with the Collier Democratic Party for big push before election. Encouraged members to visit to volunteer. Many options are available, including phone banking, sign waving, post card campaigns, and more.

· DWCMarco has pledged to write 2,000-3,000 postcards out of 20,000 cards. If you would like to help with this effort (we have 30 signed up so far), please email us at and we will deliver the cards to you. Our club will pay for postage, but you can also help by donating the postage as well.

· Our club also has free Biden signs along with American flags, which we encourage you to put out. We will deliver them to you. Please email Jane at

· For information on where you can deliver your vote by mail ballot and other voting details, please go to the supervisor of election site:

· Next meeting: September 29 at 7 pm via Zoom. A presentation on the six ballot amendments.

First evening speaker: Adrien Bogen, campaign chair for Florida Women for Biden

· We are 57 days away from the election. The next 2-3 weeks are a last ditch effort before the VBM ballots drop statewide on Sept. 24.

· Statewide, more Democrats are enrolled to vote than Republicans; the primary turnout was high, there is lots of hard work going on.

· They are laser focused on getting VBM ballots in. Lots of phone banking, emailing, postcarding and zoom events. There is no face to face door knocking.

· Their Coalitions team is focused on engaging every single community in Florida: Hispanic team, African American team, labor team, seniors, and the youth vote.

· They are hosting roundtable discussions and voter protection trainings.

· She will send a list of upcoming events. Kamala Harris will be in Miami on Thursday.

Main Evening Presentation: Election 2020: Voter Suppression and Democracy Degradation

Speaker: Dr. Dale Anderson, physician and president of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota. He also sits on the Manasota Antiracism Coalition working group. His interest in fascism began in 2016 with the candidacy of Donald Trump. He has presented locally on a variety of subjects including, "The Rise of Kleptocracy", "Is America Safe for Democracy", a "Scorecard for America", "How Fascism Works", "H.R. 1 for the People Act", and "Voter Suppression and the Degradation of Democracy". Dr Anderson's presentation covered: 1) The Stakes of our 2020 Election; 2) GOP’s Voter Suppression Strategy; 3) H.R.1’s powerful support for Democracy; 4) A Democratic Landslide? or a Corrupted Election? Please see the attached PowerPoint presentation for his talk which demonstrates how the Trump administration is subverting our democracy by following Fascist and autocratic playbooks. It is a sobering presentation.

Respectfully submitted, Linda Brown, Recording Secretary 9.8.20

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