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Democratic Women’s Club of Marco Island

General Meeting June 16, 2020

Via Zoom

7-8 pm

This was the second virtual Zoom meeting since the Coronavirus pandemic shut down in person meetings. There were 20 people attending the first half, which was the general meeting. The second portion was a social meeting, which had eight people on the call. There will be no meeting in July.

President Stephanie Ballo opened the meeting, thanking VP Karen Tessel-Blum for organizing the call. She spoke about the concern with the COVID 19 numbers climbing in Florida (80,000 cases with 3,000 deaths) and in Collier (2,800 cases with 30 deaths) and how that affects our ability to have in-person meetings and the usual door to door canvassing. She said the club will be sending an email of the links discussed this evening as well as a link to the recording of the meeting.

Jane Schlechtweg reported on our club’s Vote by Mail and grassroots initiatives to get newly registered Democrats to vote by mail.

· We paid for printing and postage for 2,500 cards to newly registered Democrats in Districts 1 and 4 and NPAs on Marco. Our volunteers helped out with the postcards for the DWC of Collier. We also have placed an ad about VBM in the June 18th edition of the Coastal Breeze.

Jane asked our members to help with 5 things to help promote our goals:

1) Help with the ongoing virtual phone bank for Vote By Mail run by Collier Dems. Training is on June 17 at 3 pm and June 20 at 10 am.

Collier Vote-by-Mail Phone Bank, Round 2

Virtual Phone Bank Training June 17, 3pm

Virtual Phone Bank Training June 20, 10am

For more info contact:

Adam Molny, Data Captain


2) Call Senators Scott 202-224-5274 and Rubio 202-224-3041 and ask them to vote in favor of HB 6800, the HEROES Act, which will provide $25 billion in monetary relief for the US Post Office. It will help to keep this vital service afloat and aid these essential workers . The US post office employs over 600,000 people, of whom 40% are people of color and women.

3) Signup for the Voter Protection Team. Training is July 1 at 3 pm and July 11 at 3 pm.

4) Check your voter registration at to make sure you are in the system to vote and to get a vote by mail ballot. If you think your signature has changed, you can register again with a new signature.

5) Support our Democratic candidates who are running for local, state and US offices.

a. County Commissioner: John Jenkins for District 1; David Turrubiartez Jr. for District 5

b. State House Reps: Sarah McFadden, D106, and Laura Novosad, D80 (Hendry County); Primary Candidates - Javier Estevez and Maureen Porras for D105.

c. US Congress District 19 Primary Candidates – Cindy Banyai and David Holden

Sally McDowell gave the Treasurer’s report

· We have currently have $4,000 in our account

· We pay $7 per member (145 members) to the DWCFL

· We pay $1 per member to our DWC Region

· Placed an ad in the Coastal Breeze for Vote by Mail

· Paid for printing and postage for our club and helped with postage for DWC Collier.

· Bought a yearly membership for Zoom, since we will most likely be needed it for a while.

· Donations to

o Henry Chapin Food Bank - $500

o Collier DEC Party $300

o DWCF PAC $100

o Sarah McFadden $100

· Looking into yard signs for Biden for President to give to our members.

Annisa Karim, Chairwoman of Collier County Democratic Party gave an update saying we need to deliver as many Democratic candidates for Joe Biden in State Houses and US Congressional races. She urged us to do what we can to help elect Democrats to local, state and national offices.

· In Florida all but one district has a Democrat running for the State House. The Fl Senate has a Democrat running in all districts.

· Collier Dems are scheduling candidate forums on

o July 28 at 5:30 pm with John Jenkins for District 1 County Commissioner and another forum (DTBA) for District 5 Commissioner David Turrubiatre Jr

o Tuesday July 14 at 5:30 pm with Sara McFadden

o Candidate forum for Banyai and Holden was recorded. Annisa is going to see about uploading that forum to the website.

o Question about who the Republicans want to see win the primary for Congressional seat for District 19. Annisa thinks it will be Bryan Donalds a former State House Representative from District 80.

· Donations are needed to support the Collier Democratic Party. They are a completely volunteer organization. Go to to donate. Please consider making a recurring donation.

Sarah McFadden said she was thrilled to qualify by petition to be on the ballot for District 106 House seat.

· Sara needs people to assemble and install yard signs on their own lawns. We can use old signs. Permit numbers need to be updated and disclaimer has to be corrected.

· Signs can be put up 6 weeks before the election, in this case on July 2 or after.

Guest Paul Doppelt (Member Deborah Doppelt) suggested we all get Biden flags to put up as Trump flags are all over the island. Suggested putting them up on July 4 along with the American flag. He also suggested we do what Trump people do – hold events, etc. Our club will look into ordering Biden lawn signs for anyone who wants one.

Karen ended the general meeting by posting 2 polls for the members to answer.

o Poll 1 - 5 Questions around what people are doing during the COVID 19 period

o Poll 2 – 3 questions

1. Who people prefer for Biden’s VP. That pole came out with 42% wanting Kamala Harris and 21% wanting Susan Rice. Others came in at 11% or less.

2. Would you want Biden, if elected, to investigate Trump. Split vote between, yes, no, and maybe

3. 100% on the call have registered to vote by mail

Regular Meeting adjourned around 8 pm. Eight members stayed on the call for a social zoom gathering.

Respectfully submitted, Linda Brown, Recording Secretary 6.17.20


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