Democratic Women’s Club of Marco Island General Meeting March 10, 2020, Mackle Park 5-6:30 pm

Stephanie Ballo opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

· About 60 people attended. She thanked Bonnie and John Watson for hosting the February social. She also thanked the club’s two vice presidents, Karen Tessel-Blum and Jane Schlechtweg for all the many contributions to making the club run smoothly, and she gave small flower bouquets to both.

· She also reminded members that dues of $35 are now by June 1 to remain on the club role. You can pay by check or cash. Send to Sally McDowell, treasurer, 4695 Winged Foot Court #101, Naples, FL 34112.

· Please check your voter registration to make sure it is still active. Go to The presidential primary is 3/17, general primary is 8/18 and the general election is 11/3. She encouraged all to vote by mail.

· Name tags with our logo and your name are available for cost at $12. They are helpful when going out canvassing. Let Jane know if you would like to order one.

Upcoming Events:

· St. Patrick Day’s Parade in Naples 3/14. Collier Dems are participating

· Collier Dems Gala Fundraiser 4/10. $200 pp. Lilly Ledbetter (Equal Pay bill) and Deb Henretta (former head of P & G, Asia Group) will be the keynote speakers.

· DWC Florida Persisters Conference, 5/1-5/3. In Deland, FL

· DWCM Social on Monday March 23 at 5:30 pm at Paradise Found in Goodland. Dawn Rubin will be sending out an email for you to RSVP.


· To volunteer contact Lisa Furlong at 603-387-5888

· Continuing voter registrations as La Sopressa and Eagle Lakes. Someone needed this Friday at Eagle Lakes and Saturday at La Sopressa. For other VR opportunities go to Collier Dems and click on Mobilize

· Focus is now on canvassing Dem voters. We need more people for this. Contact Lisa or Karen.

· Karen had 10 people at her house to train for voter canvassing. Simple app on phone to use to ask 6 basic questions to the dems. Have door hangers if people are not home with info about voting and whom to contact.

· The lists are all of Dems who did not vote in the 2018 election. Karen provides walking maps with listed addresses.

· Sally Miller spoke about her experience with canvassing with Linda Oneski. Said it was easy. Most people not home, so left door hangers.

Evening Speakers:

Dave Holden and Cindy Banyai – Running for 19th Congressional District

Tracy Frazzano, Marco Island Police Chief

Dave Holden

· He ran in 2018. Election of Trump motivated him to run.

· Been involved in politics most of his life through his parents’ activism.

· He has an experienced team based on his 2018 run.

· He was the first Dem to run in over 20 years.

· Wants to carry on Rooney’s environmental legacy. Is for fiscal responsibility. Wants to repeal corporate tax cuts, and wants to assure quality health care for everyone.

· Wants to stop drilling in national preserves.

· Doesn’t like the private toll road being proposed.

· Against private charter schools.

· Hopes next Administration will provide a pathway to citizenship for DACA.

You can donate directly to David at

Cindy Banyai

· Is a professor at FGCU, a mother and small business woman helping non-profits. Also a member of DWC of Lee County

· Her goal is to make government more efficient and effective (which she did while working in Japan).

· Has helped 100s of nonprofits with community based research.

· Wants to be the voice of and listen to people of SWFL.

· Issues – water and health. Wants emergency funds to help local cities during crises.

· Hold polluters accountable

· Need to reform health system so everyone can have access. Prevent medical bankruptcy. Preserve parts of ACA that need to be preserved.

· Looking at a national health plan (based on her experience with that living in Japan).

· Need to stop the state legislatures from taking away abortion rights. Need to keep an eye on the judiciary.

· Restore funding to international aid agencies.

· Asked for help with funding:

Both candidates passed out petitions to be signed to get them on the ballot.

Tracy Frazzano, Marco Police Chief

Tracy has been the chief of police on Marco for six months. She came from Montclair NJ where her focus was on community policing and which she is carrying on today in Marco.

· Her goals are

o Updating certain policies, procedures and guidelines

o Getting the dept accredited – has hired an accreditation manager to assisted with this

o Has met with each officer and civilian in the dept and listened to each –her mantra is “facts before acts”

o Meeting with as many groups on Marco as she can including Fire dept, all schools and superintendents,

o A member of each of the 9 churches and synagogues on the island will be certified to be helpful to the dept.

o On Facebook, twitter and Instagram – there is a “Ask us about Code Violations” page to help keep public informed

o Has partnered with police foundation, donating bikes and helmet to kids.

o Traffic enforcement has education, enforcement and engineering aspects – social media will show where cops are on a particular day

o Recruitment of new officers a priority. They are currently 8 short.

o Diversity on force is hard to achieve here, but she is working on it.

o Beach patrol is done by auxiliary offers, not paid

o Crime on Marco is mostly theft from boats, unlocked doors and cars, bike thefts and domestic violence. Compared to other cities of our size, crime is low. Call volume does increase during season.

· April Meeting – April 14

o State Representative District 106, Bob Rommel.

Meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Linda Brown, Recording Secretary 3.11.20


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